New COVID strain ‘Delta’ could be more dangerous

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Health experts are alerting the public about a new COVID-19 variant, first discovered in India.

The Delta variant seems to be more contagious, may cause severe disease, and spread more commonly in younger patients compared to other strains.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says the U.S. could be in trouble if it becomes the dominant strain.

Currently, 6% of new COVID infections in the U.S. are the Delta variant.

Dr. Celine Gounder, an Infectious Disease Specialist and Epidemiologist commented, “[t]he Delta variant really is a double threat because it is both more infectious and it can evade our immune responses.”

Although the U.S. is still making big strides against the pandemic, with more than half of eligible Americans fully vaccinated, unvaccinated individuals are still vulnerable.

“The pandemic is definitely not over for those who are not vaccinated,” said Dr. Gounder.

Keep in mind that a single-dose vaccine is only 33% effective against symptomatic disease from Delta, according to the UK Public Health Agency.

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