Defy Gravity trampoline park opens in Lincoln

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

Lincoln‘s first trampoline park is open for business.

Defy Gravity’s grand opening was full of leaping, jumping and some falling.

It’s off of West Van Dorn Street and hooked onto the new indoor Speedway Sporting Village.

With the new indoor activity center open, winter won’t be keeping everyone cooped up.

Zach Little says he’s excited he can get some more activity in.

Little said, “Its going to be fun because I’ll finally have something to do instead of sit inside.”

Suzy Shipman is visiting Lincoln and is are excited about the new attractions she can bring her children to.

Shipman said, “There’s a couple other places around town that we’ve been to that they’ve kind of grown out of so it’s nice to have something as they’re getting older that they could do this forever.”

Inside there is thirty thousand square feet filled with trampolines, basketball hoops, a diving pit, area for little jumpers and some special effects.

The trampolines have sensors underneath then activating the lights above changing colors on each jump or to a specific song playing.

Co-owner Brandon Dallmann told us they’re trying to give families a unique interactive experience.

Dallmann said, “We are so excited to be part of the community. We’re all from Lincoln the three owners, and to be able to give back to Lincoln and serve in this way and keep kids active and healthy is something we’re really excited about.”

For more information about Defy Gravity and admission prices check out this link.