New Intervention Program at Lincoln Public Schools to Curb Teen Vaping

Vaping on the Rise in Lincoln

Lincoln, Neb. (KLKN)-As many students are back to school in person this year, the number of teens vaping is a big concern.

“Understanding the role of the nicotine addiction that we are seeing in kids, that’s a big piece. A lot of these products have a very high concentration level of nicotine, and if our kids have a nicotine addiction, we might start to see things like nausea or vomiting or some of those physical symptoms, especially if they are going through withdrawals,” said Abbe Edgecombe S.C.I.P. coordinator for Lancaster county.

LPS students spent most of the 2020-2021 school year learning off-campus, but only saw 31 fewer cases in vaping violations compared to the year prior.  In other parts of the country, schools say teens vaping plummeted.

“It can be difficult to detect and find, which unfortunately allows for a little bit more use in schools,” said Russ Uhing Director of Student Services for LPS.

After the law passed, raising the age requirement to 21, you may wonder how children are still getting ahold of these products?

“I would say that our retailers are doing a pretty good job, you know they raised the age to 21, most of our retailers check ID’s and we know that through compliance checks that are done. Online sales are probably the biggest issue that we are seeing right now,” said Edgecombe.

Educating students on the dangers of vaping has already been implemented into the curriculum.

“E-cigarettes, vaping information is part of our health curriculum at our elementary, middle school, and high school levels,” said Uhing.

This year LPS launched a new intervention approach, as part of their disciplinary response.

“If a student is an offender, if they are in possession of or use of a vaping product along with other potential consequences, we also have an online class that they have to take,” said Uhing.

From the beginning of the school year to October 1st, 139 students have been caught at Lincoln Public Schools with vapes.


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