New location for Lincoln’s Special Victims Unit will help it enforce law and order

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Special Victims Unit of the Lincoln Police Department is moving to a new location.

The unit relocated to the BraveBe Child Advocacy Center.

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird was at the center Tuesday to discuss the reasoning behind the transition.

“This move enables our dedicated and talented team of investigators to work side by side with the center’s skilled team of interviewers and advocates, medical staff and specialists,” Gaylor Baird said.

BraveBe is an organization that works to care for children who are abused in southeast Nebraska.

Employees at BraveBe interview children, do medical evaluations on-site and help create plans for the kids’ future.

Because of the nature of its work, BraveBe often teams up with LPD to investigate cases, which is why the SVU has moved to its building.

“Being on-site and working together day in and day out allows for that collaboration to happen much more quickly and more efficiently,” said Paige Piper, the executive director of BraveBe. “Which, in turn, we hope will lead to increased prosecutions and better outcomes for our victims.”

Police Chief Teresa Ewins said the move will cut down on travel back and forth.

“The important thing when it comes to cases like this is time,” she said. “Now, we can immediately come down, respond and work together to make sure there is closure for that individual.”

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