New study suggests viruses can spread through dust

The U.S. flu season is about to overlap with COVID-19 and a new study suggests the flu- and maybe other viruses- can spread on dust particles.

Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said, “Their symptoms will be hard to distinguish from COVID symptoms”.

Both are contagious respiratory illnesses, but caused by different viruses. Of course, these viruses can spread through droplets in the air and from touching infected surfaces; but a study published in the Nature Communications journal suggests these illnesses could potentially be carried on small dust particles. The study determined that animals also could infect one another in a lab setting through fur containing coronavirus. Also dried tissues soaked with the virus could send off potentially infectious particles through the air when crumbled.

Ultimately, health officials are concerned on how the anticipated rise in flu cases will effect COVID-19 detection.

Dr. Murphy commented that, “because of the challenges, the ongoing challenges we have with testing capacity, it may take us a while to figure out whether a person who has a fever actual has COVID or something else, which means more people will be isolated for longer and also means it will be harder to keep schools and workplaces open.”

The CDC says getting a flu vaccine will be more important than ever this season and recommends all people six months or older should get a yearly flu shot.

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