Nomi Health now requiring appointments for COVID tests to combat long lines 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The COVID testing chaos continues around Lincoln, with many waiting days in order to receive a nose swab. Now, some testing sites are changing the way they administer tests.

The Nomi Health testing site, behind Gateway Mall, will now require appointments in order to handle the lines and long wait times.

“The appointments will be really beneficial to the patient, to the client, to give them information on, this is my time frame when I’ll be seen. and then we don’t have those really long lines and wait periods of times that could get frustrating if you’re in line for a very long time,” Carolina Herrin, the Operations Director for Nomi Health said.

Right now, they’re averaging around 500 COVID tests daily. They hit their peak on January 3rd with over 1,000 tests.

Nomi Health is now looking to add more locations in Lincoln. When and where their next location would be was not released at this time.

But starting Wednesday, an extra line will be added to the Gateway location.

“Nomi Health, we know we’re one of the few options for Lincoln right now, so we’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re accessible and that we have more opportunity, like with that extra lane and everything that we’re looking into now,” Herrin said.

Bryan Health says they’re seeing the increased demand too.

They say over 2,600 tests were administered last week between their three Urgent Care locations and Emergency Room. Bryan says wait times have been anywhere from two to three hours at certain times.

Because of the lines, many are turning to at-home COVID tests, but those are few and far between. You’re considered lucky if you can find them around town.

If you’d like to register for an appointment to get a COVID test through NOMI Health, CLICK HERE.

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