NPPD highlights danger of downed power lines ahead of severe weather season

Brian Neben In Lexington
Brian Neben in Lexington

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The weather is changing, and severe storms are right around the corner.

As the threat of strong winds and tornadoes increases, the Nebraska Public Power District is reminding people to be cautious around downed power lines.

Tornadoes and high winds have the power to damage power lines, causing outages and leaving exposed wires close to the ground.

“A powerline lying on the ground or over a roadway can charge the ground around it with electricity, potentially causing a fatal situation for anyone getting too close to that line,” said NPPD official Scott Walz in a press release. “It’s important to stress that if you see or hear of a downed powerline to avoid the area and call the local power utility or 911.”

Should you be in a car when a power line falls on it, power officials say to stay in the car until utility workers reach you.

If staying in the vehicle isn’t an option, they recommend jumping away from the vehicle and landing with both feet touching the ground before shuffling away.

The district also recommends that farmers exercise caution while moving equipment to avoid hitting any power lines.

More tips for safety around power lines are available on the Nebraska Public Power District’s website.

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