One university enacts all-campus quarantine

PEORIA, Ill. (CNN) — In response to 50 confirmed on-campus cases, Bradley University is enacting an all-campus quarantine until Wednesday, Sept. 23.

The university is eyeing this as a chance to slow down the case count. As of Sept. 3, the school’s positivity rate was just over eight percent.

“We are doing this because we feel this is the best way to reset the behaviors of our campus. People have to take this seriously,” said Renee Charles, the Executive Director Of Public Relations at Bradley University. “We’re still seeing some large and small gatherings and that is putting a strain on the institution.”

Just before this announcement, 500 students were in quarantine and this two-week decision expands to off-campus houses, apartments, and greek housing.

“A dozen or so institutions have implemented this two-week quarantine and have seen positive results come from it and so we’re hoping for the same thing because the last thing we want is to shut down our campus for the semester and send everyone home,” commented Charles.

Students are required to remain in their living spaces but are allowed to leave for essential items. Those failing to adhere could face disciplinary action.

“Perhaps in the most egregious case, a dismissal from our campus and obviously, we don’t want that,” said Charles. “We are just absolutely imploring student to please pay attention these guidelines. We are not going to be tolerant any longer.”

Some students agree with the accountability.

“I know that some people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and if they’re not doing the right thing, then I think there needs to be some disciplinary action taken,” said freshman Mason Klemm.

Fellow freshman Garrett Forsythe also commented, “Rules are put in place for a reason. If you’re not going to follow them, then why be here?”

Bradley is hoping for optimistic results, but preparing for realistic outcomes.

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