Over 2 dozen minors cited after Norfolk college party leads deputies to booze stash

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A college party in Norfolk was busted after the attendees got a little too rowdy.

Just before midnight Wednesday, deputies with the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office were called about a noise complaint.

The complaint led them to a home in Woodland Park, where a party was underway, and deputies thought minors were drinking inside.

When the deputies knocked on the door, the partiers refused to let them in. The sheriff’s office applied for a search warrant and later used it to enter the residence.

Once inside, deputies issued citations to 24 minors who were caught with alcohol. Three residents of the home, also underrage, were cited for aiding and abetting minors in possession.

One minor was taken to the hospital for severe intoxication. Deputies say the minor was facedown and passed out in a bedroom.

While clearing the party, deputies say they found a large cache of liquor.

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