Over 60 school districts speak with hundreds of job candidates

UNL education job fair

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – UNL students graduating with a degree in education found themselves in a good spot today as a job fair for future teachers had around 66 school districts from all over the country looking to hire.

“The turnout is amazing. We are really hoping to find some future Norfolk public schools teachers,” said Angie Baumann Director of Human Resources and Accreditation at Norfolk High School.

Not all school districts were from Nebraska, giving future educators options for their life after college.  One school district came all the way from Alaska.

“We found over the years that the Mid-West produces hard-working, common-sense people that when you ask them to do something they don’t say well is that in my contract? They just jump in and say well what do you want me to do?” Said Thomas Briscoe a recruiter with Lower Kuskokwim School District in Alaska.

If conversations go well, UNL students have the opportunity to leave their resumes and possibly fill open positions at the schools.

“So far we have about 15 positions that we are hoping to fill. It is early in the hiring season and we know retirements are still coming in so I see that number increasing a little. We are also beginning to offer contracts so as we are offering some, we are still out there searching for others,” said Baumann.

With over 350 UNL students about to graduate and enter a field struggling to find good workers right now, you may wonder where their passion comes from.

“Becoming a teacher your not really in it for the paycheck, we all know that, you are in it for the kids. What gives you the passion is just being in the classroom every day, seeing the changes I can make, seeing the growth that the kids make, I think that trumps everything,” said UNL student Morgan Wilkinson.

Part of attaining your degree in education is student teaching, which gives students a first-hand look at what they are getting into.

“We’ve all done the work. We all understand what it means. We’ve seen it first hand. I think everybody here is ready and willing to you know put their work in,” said UNL Student Jack Sokolik.

Organizers said turnout was better than anticipated, and some of the students may be getting a job offer before graduation.

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