Owners see large turnout for Small Business Saturday

With the pandemic taking it's toll on small businesses, this national holiday gave shoppers the chance to look local for all their holiday needs.


LINCOLN, Neb., (KLKN) — Whether it’s finding the perfect Christmas decoration or the perfect Christmas toy, small business owners are depending on you nationally and right here in Lincoln to support them and visit their stores.
“Spending quality time with my kids is something we enjoy doing, it’s our hobby,” said John Gall, a HobbyTown USA customer. “My son, here is Austin’s (toy truck). (He) scratched the stampede. We play with them regularly and he comes down to see me and is coming down for this Thanksgiving.
John Gall is a father who tells me he supports small business for the quality and buys remote cars for his family at HobbyTown USA. Gall is one of the thousands across the U.S. shopping on Small Business Saturday.
“Small Business Saturday is really the opportunity for us to make sure that we remind customers that hey, we’re a cool place that you can shop for, shop as well,” said Daniel Schmidt, owner of HobbyTown USA. “So we’ve seen a good increase today.”
Schmidt says they’ve seen an increased interest in items that involve handiwork and things that people can do at home during the pandemic, such as puzzles, trains and toy cars.
“Resurgence in jigsaw puzzles in card games in RC cars, Legos for toys for kids,” said Schmidt.
Channel 8 visited Campbell’s Garden Center near 56th and Pine Lake, where the store has Christmas trees, plants, and decorations galore for customers to buy. A manager says when customers shop at small businesses, they invest in Lincolnites.
“These are people that work and live and have their families in this community,” said Tim Dungan, garden center manager. “The money that you spend here, the money that you spend in any small business stays in this community. It doesn’t leave Lincoln and go somewhere else, it stays here.”
He adds that local workers put a personal touch to each shopping experience, giving you the best in a time so uncertain.
“All of those things that you need to make a sense of home, a sense of comfort I guess, in a season, that is perhaps not so settling,” said Dungan. “We’ve got some things that we think can help and we’d love to help.”

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