Part of NASA’s Artemis rocket was made in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – On Wednesday, Artemis I rocketed into space toward the moon.

One of its many parts was made in Lincoln.

General Dynamics has a manufacturing facility in Lincoln and has been helping produce products for NASA for nearly 50 years.

Recently, the team there created what’s known as a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel for the rocket.

The pressure vessel is filled with helium. Its job is to keep the rocket from collapsing in on itself as it blasts into space.

Tim Ek, general manager of General Dynamics in Lincoln, had this to say about the small role they played.

“There’s a lot of pieces and parts that go together to make up that ginormous launch vehicle that they use there, and we were a small part of that, but a proud part of that,” said Tim Ek, general manager of General Dynamics in Lincoln. “We’re, you know, we’re proud of what we did to support that mission here in Lincoln. And we know it was a historic moment for our nation and clearly NASA.”

Currently, along with projects for other agencies, General Dynamics in Lincoln is working on parts that will go into the Artemis III and IV rockets.

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