People wait in Lines to Get FLu Shots

It looked more like a line from a husker football Saturday on Friday as hundreds in Lincoln waited for a simple flu shot for hours. After the recent recall of doses, many Nebraskans are frustrated with the wait and hope more doses are on the way.

Walgreens received 300 vaccinations from Maxim Health Systems. A Maxim representative told Channel 8 Eyewitness News they are only serving those who are high risk. All 300 receiving the shot had to sign a release stating they fell in that category.

Once again local doctors stress that you only seek a flu shot if you are a high risk patient. Also, Maxim Health Services did say unless they receive more, the shots will be put on hold after next Saturday, which could make it much harder for you to receive the shot.

For a list of stores in your area that are giving flu vaccines, you can go

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