Preparing for high winds

Tips to stay safe during high winds in December

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- It’s that time of year when many houses are decked out with decorations.  In order to keep your display from blowing away in Wednesday’s high winds, make sure to anchor them down or to take them down temporarily.  If it is an inflatable or lawn ornament that you plug in, definitely make sure to unplug them from the socket.

“If they get ripped out in high wind situations like that. They can rip the prongs off, they can damage the inflatable or Christmas decorations or they can damage their plug as well and then have bigger issues,” said Tyler Baker Supervisor at Lincoln Electric System.

Lincoln Electric System will be on standby if powerlines come down.

“We at LES are going to up our staff tomorrow afternoon. We will have construction crews on standby at both the north and south service centers. We will also have maintenance and troubleshooter staff up as well in preparation for the storm if something were to happen,” said Baker.

The main concern is on the roads, as high winds have the potential to knock over semi-trucks.

“We highly recommend anybody who is driving a trailer that is partially loaded, or a trailer that is loaded with lightweight materials, or an empty trailer, we encourage them not to go, until this wind warning has passed,” said Kent Grisham President and CEO Nebraska Trucking Association.

One accident can cause a major shutdown.

“If we have a Semi-truck rollover, which could happen. If we have a semi out there that is not loaded, we could have to shut down the roadway. We could have to shut down the 80. If that dictates that it’s going to be a lot safer for the public, we will and can do that,” said SGT. Rob Pelster Nebraska State Patrol.

For those on the road on Wednesday, be aware and give semi-trucks extra space.

“If you’re driving a car or passenger vehicle, don’t drive in what we call their “no zone.” The “no zone” is essential if you can not see their side-view mirrors, they can not see you,” said Grisham.

The Nebraska State Patrol will have additional troopers out tomorrow monitoring the roads.

“Fortunately for us on Wednesdays we are pretty heavy, so we will have a couple of shifts out there,” said SGT. Pelster.

If you see a downed power line, do not go near it, but immediately report it to Lincoln Electric System either online or over the phone.

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