Protecting your pets during snow play

Pets? Ok, let's be honest, probably dogs. Your cat likely won't go near the snow.
Dog In Snow

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A snow day means time to play outside, but for your pet, there are a few safety tips to think about before you open the door and let them run.

You can do a few things ahead of time to keep them safe while they play if you have a snow-loving dog.

The AKC advises to:

  • Protect their paws. You can use booties or paw balm if you have it. Ahead of time, trim the excess hair on their paws so the balls of snow and ice don’t form.
  • Clean their feet after playing. There are chemicals in the stuff we use to keep sidewalks and driveways clean, and if a pet gets those on the paws and lick their paws after, they could get sick. Make sure to clean deep between the paw pads when they come in. You can also MAKE YOUR OWN PAW BALM.
  • A snow-diving dog isn’t going to know when to come inside, so you have to keep an eye on them. Check ears and tails, which are especially sensitive to frostbite. Skin that appears white or blue might be frostbitten.
  • Keep visits outside short unless you know your dog has built up a tolerance for the cold weather. Put on a sweater or coat if you have one for extra warmth.
  • Very young and very old dogs can’t regulate their body temperature as well as other dogs, so limit their time outdoors.
  • Watch out for antifreeze. The AKC says just a teaspoon of it is enough to cause kidney failure. Signs of antifreeze ingestion include drooling, vomiting, seizures, lethargy, unusual panting and a drunken appearance. If your dog dogs ingest any antifreeze call a vet as soon as possible.

Here’s a get to pet first aid should you need it.


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