Recognize the Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Temperatures soared up to 104 degrees Thursday…making it the hottest day of the year! With temperatures that hot.. Many people stay indoors in the air conditioning. But others– are out in the thick of it, some because they have to be, others by choice. We've got some important heat tips to keep you safe. Many Lincoln kids spent the hot afternoon splashing in a cool pool… >[ >> i like to go swimming because it's hot and it makes me cooler. Mothers say while the water provides relief from the heat….they only stay outside for a certain amount of time… >[ >> We are planning on staying only about an hour today and we put sunblock on before we came and have it on with us so we can stick it back on.  But some people can't avoid being out in the heat. Firefighters battle dangerous blazes year round…in the summer, they face the added danger of heat stroke. >[ >> we kinda broke down just to pants and clothes and helmets just for the heat. In extreme heat we don't want to get somebody overheated.  If you have to be out in the heat this summer, the Health Department has some important tips to remember, drink plenty of water, never leave kids or pets in a vehicle, wear light clothing and sunscreen, and plan outdoor activities before noon or in the evening to avoid the sun's most intense rays.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion include: Nausea, light-headedness, weakness, convulsions, and body temperature above 103 degrees Farenheit. If you experience these symptoms get medical assistance immediately.

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