Red Cross First Aid Team constantly watches over Lincoln events

Whether you notice them or not, the First Aid Services Team is at most big (and small) Lincoln events.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – If you’ve been to just about any event in Lincoln over the years, there’s a good chance it’s also been attended by the American Red Cross First Aid Services Team. It’s a volunteer group that works to keep people safe, not by replacing EMT crews or other traditional first responder units, but by augmenting them.

Covering some 300 events each year, there’s certainly a need for more help. Luckily, that’s a call just about anyone can answer.

“We do not require advance training,” explains Team Director Henry Schultz. “What happens is we do get people who do have some training or are EMTs, EMRs, paramedics. We have RNs on our team.”

Schultz says if you’re a warm body, that’s a start to be a Red Cross volunteer. Of course, everyone is properly vetted, then trained, free of charge.

The American Red Cross First Aid Services Team has been at Husker football games since the 1930s. They’re at Pinnacle Bank Arena, the Pinewood Bowl, and all sorts of other events in the area.

Nobody on the team is paid for their work.

“We do it for a variety of reasons. Why should someone volunteer?” Schultz’s immediate answer: “Well, hopefully, they want to give back something to the community. Maybe they have an interest in the medical part.”

Another reason somebody may want to be a part: friendship. That spirit of teamwork made it particularly hard for Schultz when he broke his arm recently.

“It was pretty tough that first game because I couldn’t go; I couldn’t work it,” recalls Schultz, the emotions coming back. “I couldn’t even watch the opening of the game. It was affecting me because that was only the fifth game I’ve missed in 35 years. It was tough.”

Do it for the camaraderie or do it simply to be a helping hand, it doesn’t matter. You could be the one to make a difference.

If you think the First Aid Services Team may be of interest to you, you can send an email to for more information.

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