Religious nonprofit ditches Give to Lincoln Day over anti-discrimination request

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A religious nonprofit is dropping out of Give to Lincoln Day over an anti-discrimination request, as officials feel it undermines their very mission.

Nebraska Family Alliance says the Lincoln Community Foundation asked participants to agree to a policy that was politically motivated.

We’re told that policy requires everyone involved to affirm their stance against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

The nonprofit says such a request clashes with its Christian convictions.

Officials are instead launching an alternative to Give to Lincoln Day called the Give to Life and Liberty fundraising campaign.

NFA’s Nate Grasz said, “This is such an important moment that we’re in right now for our city, our state, for our country.  Even though you won’t be able to give to our organization and some other Christian ministries through Give to Lincoln on Give to Lincoln Day you can still give directly to the organizations and causes that you believe in.”

Grasz added a lot of other Christian nonprofits have reached out for guidance, and over 40 of them have also chosen to not participate in Give to Lincoln Day.

Channel 8 will be contacting both sides throughout the day to learn more about this decision to split apart, while sharing what you need to know before making a donation.

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