Respect for Marriage Act amasses support and opposition in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln community spoke out following the passing of the Respect for Marriage Act, which protects same-sex and interracial unions.

Business owner and LGBTQ+ activist, Jenn Dunn, says it’s heartbreaking to still have conversations about this topic.

“We’re not quite there yet because there’s verbiage in the laws,” she said. “It’s monumental and I’m very excited and I’m very happy but I know the fight is not over.”

Out Nebraska’s Executive Director Abbi Swatsworth sent Channel 8 a statement following the decision.

“We are committed to continuing work in Nebraska to make sure our lawmakers know this is only the first step,” Swatsworth said in the statement.

Not every community in Lincoln is favoring the decision, senior pastor at Indian Hills Community Church Jesse Randolph spoke on the matter.

“I know that the law that was passed today is called the Respect for Marriage Act, but it doesn’t respect marriage at all.”

In response to those who oppose the bill, Dunn says she isn’t here to tell others what they should believe, but instead, asks them to recall their humanity.

“We have to start looking at what common denominator is what brings us together, and that’s the fact we’re all human,” she said.

The bill does not however set a national requirement that all states must legalize same-sex marriages, but instead, recognize the legality of marriages protected.

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