Ricketts objects to heritage area proposal in Nebraska

The proposal was designed to boost tourism by designating certain parts of Nebraska as a federally recognized National Heritage Area.
Ricketts: Big Ten Made Wrong Decision To Postpone Fall Sports

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Gov. Pete Ricketts is objecting to an effort to designate parts of south-central and southwestern Nebraska as a federally recognized National Heritage Area to try boost tourism. Ricketts said he was concerned that the designation requires approvals from Congress and the National Park Service. He says the designations come with “unquantifiable and unknowable risks,” and that requirements to maintain the designation could change without input from states. Ricketts says the effort was led by the Willa Cather Foundation as a way to promote tourism and local development. He said state and local officials should maintain control as they look for ways to promote Nebraska’s heritage and tourism.

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