Ricketts says he won’t let Biden gun control efforts ‘shred the Second Amendment’

Gov. Pete Ricketts on Friday issued a strong rebuke against the Biden administration's efforts on gun control. 
Gov. Pete Ricketts On Violent Protests

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Gov. Pete Ricketts on Friday issued a strong rebuke against the Biden administration’s efforts on gun control.

Ricketts said he opposes the half-dozen executive actions Biden announced Thursday, which the president said would combat an “epidemic and an international embarrassment” of gun violence in the U.S.

The measures include cracking down on homemade firearms that don’t have serial numbers, as well as increased regulations on stabilizing braces.

“I oppose the so-called red flag laws endorsed by the President because they would violate the due process rights of gun owners,” Ricketts said in the statement. ” It’s important to understand that the President’s actions this week are just the beginning.  I fully expect President Biden to make repeated attacks against our constitutional rights.” 

Ricketts said he “won’t stand by and let President Biden shred the Second Amendment.” 

“We will stand up and fight for the rights of Nebraskans,” he said. 

Biden said the actions he took Thursday are not the end of his efforts to reduce gun violence.

Ricketts’ statement did not list any specific actions he would take to counter the measures.

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