Romantix coming to south Lincoln

The Romantix novelty store confirmed with Channel 8 Eyewitness News that it will be moving into a vacant building on South 10th St.

Romantix is rebuilding, but not where it burned down. Owner Steve Brown says, “It's going to be a very nice soft store that will fit into the neighborhood.  It's not going to be sticking out like a sore thumb.”

The same store that burned down last January confirmed it will move into the old Mexican restaurant on 10th St., just south of Van Dorn.  Brown says he's been wanting to open what he calls a “soft store” for some time and would have been looking for a place to do that even if the “O” Street store hadn't burned down.  “A soft store means there's a lot more apparel.  A lot less traditional adult bookstore items like dvds and magazines and no arcade.”

Angela Updegraff owns the Subway restaurant next door and says she's worried about what that will mean for her family-oriented business and the safety of the employees who work there.  “I don't see it being an appropriate place for that type of business.  I mean, next to a restaurant where there is a lot of our business, I just don't agree with that at all.”

Romantix plans to open their new location as early as July.