“Run, hide, fight.”

Three things to remember if you are in an active shooter situation

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)-In our area over the last month, we’ve seen two different situations involving unhappy former employees making threats against their former place of work.

“This year alone, I had 4 incidents where 4 different companies, 2 in Lincoln, 1 outside of Lincoln, and 1 out west called me all within 3 months,” said Terrickco Watson Owner of A.M Security.

All 4 of those companies had threats made against them.

“An employee made a threat. Each and every one of them couldn’t say if their team member was serious, or not, but the way they handled that by hiring security was I would say the best option that they could have done,” said Watson.

“Even if it is an employee that is known for making jokes, that’s not something to play around with,” said Watson.

Terrickco Watson owns a security company.  He wants you to know, if you find yourself in an active shooter situation, there are three things to remember and remember in this order.  Run, hide and fight.

“Run in the opposite direction to your nearest exit, far from the shooter. You should focus on one life at a time, and that’s your life. Say that your running and you’ve got a dead-end. You should hide in a room, hide in that room and barricade the door. If you can’t run, if you can’t hide, you should fight. Arm yourself with whatever you can. A fire hydrant, a chair, anything can be a weapon,” said Watson.

If your business feels they need security but don’t want to alarm anyone with a dressed-out guard, you have the option to have security dress in street clothing.

“Conceal carry, so everyone can feel comfortable and safe. While all that is taking place, your business is still being protected at the same time,” said Watson.

A.M Security says they will start doing self-defense and active shooter training soon, for anyone who is interested.

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