“Santa stretches” can help you through the holidays

Santa has some tricks to prepare for the workout he gets on Christmas Eve

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Santa is at his busiest on Christmas Eve, so naturally, he needs to stretch out a bit to prevent injuries. You can use some of those ideas to get yourself ready for any workouts, whether it’s the holidays or not.

The following is an excerpt from Athletico’s tips to keep Santa, and anyone else, limber and pain-free this holiday season.

Before Santa goes to work on Christmas Eve, he will want to stretch his legs and hamstrings. By walking forward and reaching towards his toes with his opposite hand, Santa will fully stretch his leg muscles for the evening ahead. He can also  bring his heel towards his buttocks for an additional stretch.

Santa should wear gym shoes for added support, and the rubber soles will give him added grip across slippery surfaces.

When lifting any heavy presents, the body parts most prone to injury are the lower and mid back as well as one’s hips and shoulders. Therefore, when Santa is carrying a heavier gift, he should be sure to squat down or lunge to pick it up. Never bend straight from the back or lift with blunt force.

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