SCAM ALERT: DEA impersonators extorting Nebraskans


OMAHA, Neb. (KLKN) — The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says a widespread fraud scheme where scammers impersonate DEA agents over the phone.

Above is a portion of an actual scam call captured by the DEA.

The scammers are trying to extort money and/or steal personal information from their marks. The DEA says a common storyline used by the impersonators is that your name was used to rent a car near the border, which contained a large amount of drugs. The caller will ask to verify your social security number or say your bank account has been compromised.

The DEA says some callers have threatened to arrest their targets for the “drug seizer.” The only way to avoid arrest is to send them money via gift cards or wire transfers to pay a “fine.”

The DEA released a new public service announcement to warn citizens of this scam.

Some scammers will spoof actual DEA numbers or text their target photos of fake law enforcement credentials. As a reminder, the DEA will never contact you over the phone to demand money or personal information. You would be notified of an official investigation either in-person or by official letter.

If you or someone you know receive a call from someone claiming to be a DEA agent, report it to the FBI at

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