Scammers try to score by selling fake Husker football tickets, Nebraska AG warns

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Husker fans might be feeling down about Nebraska football this season after losses to Minnesota and Colorado.

But you’ll feel even worse if you fall victim to scammers, who are looking to win big this weekend.

On Thursday, Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers warned fans of ticket scams ahead of the Huskers’ home game against Northern Illinois.

“Unfortunately there are bad people out there who want to scam Nebraskans under all sorts of circumstances and one of the things we’re seeing on the rise is scams related to tickets and sporting events,” Hilgers said.

In a press release, the attorney general’s office said the best way to avoid getting scammed is by not buying tickets from unknown sellers.

According to the AG’s office, digital tickets are especially tricky. Scammers can screenshot legitimate tickets and sell them to multiple customers.

“People need to make sure if someone is making an offer to them for a ticket thatSc it’s not too good to be true,” Hilgers said.

Buying tickets with a credit card instead of less secure forms of payment, like PayPal or Venmo, is another way to protect yourself.

“We’d also encourage people to be very careful about online ticket offers, not so much the verified re-sellers or from people they know, but what we see is unsolicited online offers, maybe on Facebook or email,” Hilgers said.

For additional information on how to protect yourself head to this website.

Also on Thursday, the attorney general’s office filed a complaint against Nfluence, a group accused of selling fraudulent tickets to fans last year.

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