Second annual Husker Dogfest attracts big crowd

A day dedicated to man’s best friend. The second annual Dogfest hosted by the Canine Cognition Lab at UNL.

The event allowed pet owners and lovers come to campus to explore and learn more about their furry friends.

The university’s canine cognition and human interaction lab has conducted research about dog impulsivity and how human interactions with dogs can affect people’s emotions.

“We have lab tours to see the lab we also have descriptions of what we found so people can learn about what we’ve been doing over the last year, year and a half,” says Jeff Stevens, an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Brain Biology. “Then they can also go learn about other aspects of dogs from vendors that are here we’ve had demos from police dogs and herding dogs and all kinds of fun stuff.”

Dogs of all ages and sizes were welcome at the event, demonstrations from the Nebraska State Patrol, obedience and UNL stock team demos were free and open to the public, as well as plenty of puppy kisses.

To find out more about the canine cognition lab research, you can visit their website here.

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