Secretary Evnen urges unicameral to come to redistricting agreement

Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen says that postponing the redistricting special session will result in delayed elections and lawsuits.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Nebraska Legislature is in a special session to come up with a solution to the state’s redistricting issue.

Per the AP, senators are still at a stalemate when it comes to drawing new congressional and legislative maps for the next ten years.

If the unicameral cannot come up with an agreement by this Saturday, they will be forced to wait until next January to resume the dialogue.

“If they push this to January, it is going to be exceptionally difficult, if not virtually impossible for us to implement the new boundaries in time for the primary,” Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen said.

The state’s filing window for people who want to run for office is January 5, 2022. The primary election is scheduled for May 10.

“If they wait till next year, we’ll be opening the filing window based upon old lines that are not valid,” Evnen said. “You’ll have people filing for office, they don’t even know for sure whether whether they live in the district they’re filing to run in.”

In the event that new district lines are not established by the start of the filing window, the state will be forced to use the old lines.”

“The new population numbers won’t support or justify the old lines,” Evnen said. “That just is an invitation to litigation, it’s an invitation to lawsuits.”

Evnen says he does not put the legislature at fault for not being able to come to an agreement.

“The reason that we are in this difficulty is because we didn’t get the numbers on time from the federal government,” Evnen said.

Evnen is referring to the Census Bureau delaying the release of population data.

Still, this is the hand that the unicameral has been dealt. Can they come to an agreement?

“I do believe that they’re working hard,” Evnen said. “I believe that they are doing their best and I have some degree of optimism and hope that they’ll get their work completed.”

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