Semi-trucks to buses, Lincolnites help stranded vehicles

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — One family and one group of friends are showing what it means to be a Nebraskan by helping their fellow neighbors in a big way.

The Maly’s, specifically Trent and his 15-year-old son Kane, who helped a stuck semi-truck driver.

Dee Maly says the Sycso truck was stuck near Tabitha, 727 S. 46th St., unable to reach the loading dock.

Trent and Kane, who live across the street from Tabitha, saw the driver left to maneuver a single dolly through the snow in order to complete the delivery. So they decided to lend a hand.

“They needed help and we were able to meet a need,” said Kane’s mother Tiffany. “They would have been hauling supplies for hours if we didn’t offer the truck, and it was a good lesson for our four boys. Helping others out whenever you can.”

Using their truck, the Maly’s helped to load and haul a semi-truck’s worth of food to Tabitha. A process that to nearly two hours!

Over the years, we have pushed many stuck cars coming in and out of Tabitha (employees or visitors) but today was a…

Posted by Tiffany Bemis Maly on Monday, January 25, 2021

While over on the northside of town, Deanna Allen, her boyfriend, and friends helped tow a stranded StarTran bus along Superior Street.

It was definitely a group effort!

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