Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh compares trans bill to genocide in Nebraska Legislature

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A state senator sparked an argument Wednesday when she compared transgender bills in the Nebraska Legislature to genocide.

Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh is on week three of her filibuster.

She wants bills that restrict abortions and gender-affirming health care for transgender youth tossed out.

Cavanaugh then suggested that the proposed laws related to transgender youth – legislative bills 574 and 575 – are a form of genocide.

LB 574, also known as the Let Them Grow Act, would prohibit anyone under 19 from receiving gender-altering procedures.

LB 575, also known as the Sports and Spaces Act, would prevent transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports.

“Words are important,” she said. “What we say here is important. Trying to deny what is going on is not going to be tolerated by me. We are witnessing a genocide.”

Sen. Julie Slama objected to Cavanaugh’s comments, saying that these bills have nothing to do with genocide.

She then moved to censure Cavanaugh for suggesting it.

“I am beyond words right now because that is a level of ignorance that is unacceptable of an elected body,” Slama said.

But Cavanaugh said she will not be intimidated to stop advocating for people who would be affected by the bills.

With no end in sight for the filibuster, Speaker John Arch said it’s likely the legislature won’t be passing as many bills this session.

He also said he will not be taking up Slama’s request to censure Cavanaugh at this time.

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