Small Business Saturday – Wild Bird Habitat Store



The Wild Bird Habitat Store opened on October 1st, 1993 in Lincoln, Nebraska . The vision statement of Wild Bird Habitat at that time is the same vision we embrace today…

“The Wild Bird Habitat Store is committed to providing quality products, service, and information to create a rewarding and educational backyard bird feeding experience that will last a lifetime.  WBH believes that when people successfully attract birds to their backyards, it will generate an awareness for birds and other wildlife that goes beyond the limits of their backyard, state lines, and national borders. WBH’s primary interest is the conservation of birds and bird habitats both now and for future generations.  We will strive to accomplish this by offering a variety of quality backyard wildlife products at competitive prices, guaranteed service after the sale, and encourage young and old alike to better understand and enjoy the natural community we are all a part of.

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