Soldier’s mother relieved son is home

One mother of a Nebraska soldier is breathing a sigh of relief now that her son is home safe and sound.

Some of the parents of the men and women who travel overseas are rejoicing at the thought of their children coming home. But for one mom, part of the wait continues.  Dallas Isley came home today right into the arms of his mother and girlfriend.

Because of the troop pullout in Iraq, Dallas never had to leave his training base in Virginia. But for mom Judy,  the worry isn't over.

“We're looking at a flag that was made especially for the Isley family, because he had 3 sons deploying Iraq July 11th,”  says Isley.

She was the only mom in Nebraska to let 3 sons leave her that day.  But, after 40 days of training Dallas was able to come back.

“You had the option to go to Kuwait if you want to and see if a unit will pick you up.   And then you could serve with that other unit,” says Dallas Isley.

This special option was offered to Dallas and his entire unit, including his two brothers. His brothers are now in Kuwait.

But given the transition out of Iraq, where and if they'll be drafted for a mission remains to be seen.