Sound off about firework displays and noise in your neighborhood

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Fireworks Across Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The 4th of July is a weekend for celebrating the nation’s independence, and the sounds of the celebrations can be heard far and wide across Nebraska as fireworks go off, from the big displays to neighborhood gatherings.

Our viewers and social media fans have been sounding off about the sheer amount of fireworks you can see and hear throughout the day and night.

Kris wrote on our Facebook page, “Lincoln is like a war zone! Get control of it Lincoln police!”

Tony fired back, “After being basically on lockdown for a year. I don’t blame people. Stop complaining and let people celebrate. People with dogs should have planned ahead and got medication for them.”

Kelli said, “It’s ridiculous. Having to sedate my dog and my veteran husband.”

Edward said it’s okay to just accept it for what it is, “It’s 2 days out of the year.”

Anna added, “Celebrating a better world than last year!”

The memes are also taking over.

Fireworks MemeScared Dog

So now it’s your turn to sound off.

What do you think of the sights and sounds of fireworks across Nebraska?

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