Special Eucharistic Ceremony held at State Capitol


Bishop James Conley called a special Eucharistic Procession that took place outside the state capitol building on Sunday.

Many families were in attendance.

“I wanted to not only see and experience it for myself, but to also get my children involved in it and to see the importance of that,” said Tanya Keith, who brought her family out to participate.

Bishop Conley invited families throughout the diocese to attend.

The idea to gather in a public space is a change of pace, one that was welcomed by many.

“To have a procession outside of that time in a more public format, not just in our churches or in our neighborhoods, there’s an opportunity that we have to show and give witness to our faith,” said Father Thomas Dunavan of Falls City.

The special ceremony comes just before an important election for the state of Nebraska, as well as our country.

“We have the election coming up, which is always good to pray for what is happening in our state. In the catholic church itself we know that there is a great need for prayer for our priests, prayer for our people and all of our elected officials and government leaders here and far,” said Dunavan.

Bishop Conley was joined by monsignor Mark Huber, father James Kelleher and father Ramon Decaen, who helped lead the procession from separate alters around the capitol building.

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