Speech students make their way to the finals of the NSAA championship

High school students from across the state are in Kearney this week for the Nebraska schools Activities Association Speech Championship.

Over 3,000 students are participating, covering speech genres like persuasion, entertainment or informative.

Lloyd Manansala is a Norfolk senior who performed a dramatic speech Thursday.

“It’s about this guy who’s ashamed of his culture and his dad keeps telling him to be more white and for this character, throughout his whole life he wants to be white but then realizes he can’t be white and he embraces his culture,” said Manansala.


Manansala found out just minutes before our interview that he actually made it to the finals, but not without encouragement from his coach and a little bit of focus before his class.

” And then overcome your obstacles within it so like if you mess up, you have to make sure that you stay driven and you focus and like completely ignore it. Like, become your character, really embrace your character and really feel your peace and what your character feels,” said Manansala.

Debra Velder is the Associate Director of NSAA and she said students from all corners of Nebraska participate and gain friendships and skills they can take with them in the future like presentation, vocal quality and interpretation.

“That’s basically making sure that the topics that they are presenting have the support and the resources that are needed to make them the top speech giver,” said Velder.

The last round of classes begin at 8 am on Friday and the last round of awards starts at 6 pm.

Courtesy: KHGI

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