Fans React To Suh Suspension

Ndamukong Suh is a Husker icon, but his recent “stomp” on the field continues to be a hot topic over this long holiday weekend.

It even has some Husker fans worried he's not shedding a good light on Nebraska.

Suh has been suspended from the next two games from a dirty play in a game this past Thursday. He does do a lot of charitable work but even still, those actions have been overshadowed and some of his fans are questioning their allegiance.

Ndamukoung Suh is a hero amongst Nebraska faithful. The Husker alumn and Detroit Lions Defensive Lineman is one of the most popular Nebraska icons in recent memory.

But his actions on the field as of late have drawn criticism…some labeling him a “dirty” player.

This past Thursday, Suh made headlines when he drove an opposing players head into the ground and then stomped on his arm. Some husker fans are frustrated by his actions.  Chad Fesler says, “it makes me kind of think that maybe he needs to tone it down a little bit but he's still fun to watch. He is one of the best he just needs to get his temper under control.” Kyle Marquis says, “slightly disappointed. We know the player. We saw him at Nebraska. We know the player he can be. If he is that player, then there's nothing that can stop him.”

Others say his actions don't speak to his time as a Husker. David Schumacher says “I don't like that he does it but I don't think it hurts our university. I think it hurts Detroit more. I think it shows their program isn't really strong in keeping players on the right path like Nebraska's done.”

Suh is now forced to sit out his next two games. Even still, his charitable work off the field is unmatched. When he was drafted, Suh donated more than two and a half million dollars back to the school that put him on the map and recently helped a Detroit high school with new football equipment after theirs was robbed…showing the real good that he can do.

On Friday, Suh apologized to his fans on his facebook page. He said quote: “my reaction on Thursday was unacceptable. I made a mistake, and have learned from it.”