Car enthusiasts cruise in Lincoln, with safety a ‘huge, huge priority’

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – For the second Sunday in a row, car enthusiasts gathered for Sunday Funday Cruise in Lincoln.

Organizer Mo Shakir spoke with Channel 8 about the importance of community.

“So, Lincoln is a very small town, and 10 years ago we would have never had an event like this, but now we do,” he said. “The world is just a crazy place right now, and there are a lot of people divided. Now for the car community and the bike community, it is not.”

At the event in south Lincoln, you could see all different types of cars, bikes and people joining together to talk about something they love.

“We are doing all super cars and all variety for cars do a route we are going to take,” he said. “We are going to abide by the law; we are not speeding or anything like that. We are just wanting to build a little bit of excitement here in little ol’ Lincoln, Nebraska.”

After a deadly crash on O Street a few weeks ago, Shakir spoke with the people in attendance about why safety is important, instructing them to keeping space between them and the car in front of them.

“We had a drivers meeting just a second ago,” he said. “We want to make sure we are keeping great distances from the car in front and the car in back. So, I did a two-car length. So, make sure you got your distance. Safety is a huge, huge priority for us.”

The event drew people not only from Lincoln, but other communities here in Nebraska.

More events like this will possibly be happening here in the future.

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