Tanning Salon Reacts to Proposed FDA Warning

The Federal Government is considering tougher warnings and new regulations for users of tanning beds, but some local tanning salon owners say the risk comes in overdoing it.

The Food and Drug Administration wants tanning salons to have stiffer warnings about the risks of using tanning beds, but local owners say the warnings signs are already up.

Some people  who are looking for a that golden tan in the middle of winter could be looking at more regulations.  The FDA says people are putting themselves at increased risk of skin cancer when they hop into a tanning bed, but the indoor tanning association says the risk is in over doing it and people are more likely to do that outside.

Some salons here in Lincoln say even though Nebraska is an unregulated tanning state they're already providing their customers with warning information.

“We make sure they have the right eyewear, they don't stay into long, and if they are already red we don't even let them in,” says Alternative Tan owner Monica Parris.

Parris says the talk of new regulations and warnings isn't something she is going to worry about  having an impact on her salon. She said there may even be a benefit.

“For those beds that are in gyms or someone has in home maybe now they will have to make follow safe practices as well,” says Parris.

 FDA plans to hold a public meeting in the spring.