‘The supply is gone’: Gun sales rise in Lincoln during COVID-19 pandemic

Across the nation, gun sales are going up. But, what about here in Lincoln?

“Definitely,” said David Pringle, General Manager of Discount Enterprises, which owns DEGuns in Lincoln. “Gun sales have increased dramatically within the last week… ammunition has increased a thousand percent, literally”.

Over the last couple of years, the firearms industry has been experiencing a slump. But, with the worldwide spread of COVID-19, people are rushing to stock up on ammunition. Something Lincoln’s DEGuns and Big Shots have experienced.

“I don’t think people are truly panicking, maybe they are just trying to prepare, and they didn’t prepare before,” said Big Shot owner James Clark.

While Pringle posed that he thinks “they’re buying ammunition because this is unprecedented… the government can’t protect them. They have to take their own protection in their hands. And that’s what stores like this are all about”.

Now, with a spike in sales, manufacturers and retailers are struggling to keep up.

Both Pringle and Clark reported having eight to ten percent increases placed on their orders, including orders made prior to the spike in demand.

However, it’s not regular customers flooding in.

“We’re seeing a big increase in new customers,” said Clark. “Anyone who is coming in and buying a new firearm, is also buying a lockbox or a safe. So, they are being good stewards of the sporting industry”.

As the rush keeps coming, our local stores have prepared and are ready to support Nebraskans.

Pringle commenting that “some of the things that are online, like bulk ammo, we’ve just taken off the website… so we can sell them to people in Nebraska”.

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