Threat at local school leads to student’s removal

Since then other concerns have come to light

HASTINGS, Neb. (KLKN) – Hastings Middle School says a student has been removed from campus after threatening others.

Right now there is no timeline on if or when they’ll be allowed to return.

Officials tell us more concerns have been raised since that student’s removal as well.

The school is crediting their parents for cooperating and helping keep everyone on campus safe.

Local law enforcement is currently investigating the situation.

Authorities as well as Hastings Public Schools are asking anyone with any information on threats to report them immediately.

This comes ahead of a worrisome trend on the popular social media app TikTok.

Violence has been threatened at every school in the country this Friday.

Investigators say the trend started with a TikTok challenge about skipping school on December 17th, that got completely out of hand.

So far there are no reports of any credible threats related to this challenge at schools in our area.

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