Three-legged tabby up for adoption in York after gangrene infection

YORK, Neb. (KLKN) — York Adopt-A-Pet is looking for a family that is interested in adopting a three-legged tabby cat after a leg injury in November.

According to the shelter, a couple walking their dog in Waco on Nov. 10 came across Renee the tabby as she cried out for help.

The couple rushed to a vet, where they met with Mona Peterson, a worker with Adopt-A-Pet.

“They were on their way to the vet clinic as we were talking, and I met them at the clinic,” Peterson said. “This little kitten had a horrific leg injury; her leg had turned black.”


Courtesy of York Adopt-A-Pet

It is unknown how the cat got the injury, but veterinarians were quickly able to confirm that she was underweight and dehydrated.

The injury had developed gangrene and other abrasions, and doctors determined that an amputation would be vital to her survival.

“They just wanted to get her stabilized so down the road they could do an amputation,” Peterson said.

The leg was amputated on Nov. 21, and since then, Renee has steadily regained her strength.

With an up-to-date medical record for Renee, York Adopt-A-Pet is now looking for a family to take her in.

“We just hope someone might come along and give her a chance,” Peterson said.

She said Renee may have some trouble with large furniture at first but will later get used to the climb.

Check out Renee’s profile on Petfinder for more information on her condition, along with other pets up for adoption.

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