Tips to keep your kids safe while biking or walking to school

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – With most kids back in school in Lincoln, we all need to be a little more careful when out on the roads.

Three-quarters of Nebraska drivers say their main route takes them past a school zone or bus stop, according to a AAA survey.

The survey found that 45% of drivers admit to speeding through an active school zone. Almost a third said they use a handheld device behind the wheel.

“That’s a lower number than those who are speeding through the school zones, but it’s still a bit concerning,” said Brian Ortner of AAA Nebraska.

Quite a few new bike lanes have popped up around Lincoln.  Some are so new, like the one near 13th and South Streets, that there is a sign reminding drivers of the road changes ahead.

Whether on wheels or on foot, kids should stay on the sidewalk or bike lane and away from traffic.

Always use a crosswalk, and wait for traffic to actually stop before crossing.

“Just because it’s green, doesn’t mean go. You still want to look,” said Alex Snell, a salesman at Cycle Works Lincoln I tell my kid every day, you know, look both ways because you just never know.”

You must also reduce your distractions when walking and riding to pay attention to the traffic around you.

“Don’t wear the headphone,” Ortner said. “Avoid the distractions so you can hear what’s going on around you.”

Before your student rides to school, make sure they have what they need to be safe and visible.

Snell said the “must-haves” are a helmet, headlight and taillight, and a lock.

Snell shared some advice for parents who may be concerned about sending their kids to school on a bike.

He suggests going with them one or two times so that parents and the children are familiar with the route and know when bike lanes start and end.

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