Two wrongfully arrested men win $5 million award in lawsuit

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


A federal judge has ordered Douglas County’s insurance carrier to pay $5 million, plus legal costs to two men wrongfully jailed for months in the 2006 killing of a Murdock couple because the county’s former crime lab chief planted evidence against them.

Nick Sampson and Matthew Livers will split the amount.        

They were arrested after Livers falsely confessed to murdering his aunt and uncle, Wayne and Sharmon Stock, at their farmhouse. He recanted the next day.

The judgment is the maximum the St. Paul Travelers Cos.’s insurance policy would pay for former CSI chief David Kofoed’s conduct. Kofoed was convicted of planting blood evidence in a car to bolster the case against Livers and Sampson, who were later exonerated.