University of Nebraska Lincoln using $12 Million Grant To Dive Deep Into Rural Drug Addiction In Nebraska

Finding New Ways To Help Those In Rural Nebraska

Lincoln, Neb. (KLKN)-Addiction and drug overdoses, plaguing much of the nation, and Nebraska is no different.  To help combat this problem, UNL has received a $12 million dollar grant to set up a center to try and make a difference.

“The goal of this funding mechanism is to actually set a foundation for a center that will go on and on.  Now you would hope that we could solve rural drug addiction and rural drug use more generally, unfortunately, that is not going to be the case. So a long-term sustained center will be important,” Rick Bevins Behavioral Neuropharmacology Lab at UNL.

The reason the project needs to be long-term is so treatment and resources can continue to evolve.

“We’re going to have yoga instructors involved, doing and looking into new kinds of therapies and approaches to helping with adjunct treatment. That is one of our major goals. We spend a lot of effort trying to get this information out to everybody who needs it,” said Bevins.

Findings have already been shared with the FBI, and moving forward will be shared with anyone involved, to better the resources for rural America.

“The further out you get from these cities, the further out you get from a concentration of a variety of services. So when we are thinking about smaller towns or villages, you might just have one spot, and if you are lucky if it’s within 20 minutes and you have to hope that that treatment center has the care that you need and that fits what you’re trying to do,” said Patrick Habecker PhD Research Assistant Professor UNL.

Narcan is a medication that can reverse the effects of an overdose, and save a life.  There are a few locations in our area offering it for free.

“There is Narcan available for free at Khols drugs on 27th, Hy-Vee on O street and at the U stop in Waverly,” said Habecker.

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