US health officials report increase in pediatric hepatitis cases

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has seen a recent increase in pediatric hepatitis cases in the U.S.

Within the last 7 months, there have been 180 cases reported.  Since May 5, 71 were reported.

Some of those recent numbers were “retrospective” patients, according to the CDC.  This means that some cases it is investigating were reported back in October.

No deaths have been reported since February, and the CDC has also seen a recent decrease in patients requiring liver transplants.

The CDC is working to find possible causes of the increase in cases.

They believe that it could come from the Adenovirus pathogen.

But officials are still researching whether these hepatitis cases were caused by other infections, toxins, food or medications.

Officials remind parents that severe hepatitis in children remains rare but that they should be aware of the symptoms, particularly jaundice.

They say to contact a health care provider with any concerns.

The CDC will be posting regular updates on the number of patients that are under investigation.

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