EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Driver goes right over edge of interchange, survives 70 foot fall and is telling his story

How did the driver survive that?
Car In Wisconsin Slides Right Over Edge Of Overpass, Live To Tell The Story


MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (KLKN) – It’s dramatic video that makes you gasp when you see it. A driver on an overpass in a large interchange near Milwaukee slides on the slick ramp and goes over the edge, dropping almost 7 stories to the ground below.

The red pick-up truck skidded from an interchange ramp, jumped the wall of the ramp, and plunged over the edge. 70 feet down, the truck came to a stop.
The driver told GMA exclusively “There was just too much snow on the side of the road that once the tires got into like two foot of snow. There’s no controlling a vehicle of any kind.”

When emergency crews arrived, they said several people were helping the one person in the truck. That person in the truck, Richard Lee Oliver, was alert and breathing at the time. Despite all the things he could have been worried about, he had one big priority, “he helped me in the back of the bed of my truck and helped me call my mom just in case I wasn’t gonna make it.”

His fiance, Candice, said “I was thankful that he was alive. We have a six-month-old baby at home, so just really happy that he made it through it and nobody else was hurt.”

Richard says he is feeling better and on the road to recovery. He’s very thankful for the two good samaritans who helped him after the crash.

Here’s a look at the truck in its resting place shortly after the plunge.

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