VIDEO: Raid gone wrong, body cam footage released

CHICAGO, Ill. (ABC) — New fallout from a police raid at the wrong home in Chicago. Officers bursting into the home of an innocent woman in February of 2019, the body cam footage just now surfacing.

The woman, Anjanette Young, opens up about the experience.

“They didn’t kill me that night because God was covering me,” said Young.

Young, a social worker, was changing her clothes after coming home from work when a stream of policemen entered, carrying out a search warrant at her home.

“I ran into my living room, tried to grab something to cover myself. And before, you know, I could do anything, they the police were in,” said Young. “The room was dark so I could just see lights on scopes on guns pointed at me.”

She was then handcuffed and left naked for two minutes until she was covered with a blanket. On

“I was scared into compliance, like I just did what they said to me because I was afraid if I did anything or made any moves that they would shoot me. They had guns pointed at me. I feared for my life that night.”

In the video, Young can be heard saying ‘tell me what’s going on’ and ‘you’ve got the wrong house.’

Police would later realize they were in fact working with the wrong address.

Police Superintendent and Chicago Mayor address the situation, promising change.

“I have an obligation to make that wrong right. It’s been painful, painful and upsetting,” commented Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

This statement comes after Young and her attorney accused Mayor Lightfoot’s administration of attempting to block the release of the body cam footage. Young’s freedom of information request for the video was denied and a local station was even taken to court to prevent them from broadcasting the video.

The mayor says we were unaware fo the City Attorneys were attempting.

Young hopes her case will bring about police reform and says she will live with the trauma for the rest of her life.

“I don’t take it lightly that I’m sitting here in this moment, in 2020 being able to say what happened to me, but I very much Embrace and relate to Breonna Taylor,” said Young. “My incident happened before hers, so when it happened to her. I cried for days, but I was also very thankful.”


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