VIDEO: Tornado tears through Chicago area

Ill. (KLKN) — Severe storms brought heavy rains and damaging winds across the Chicago area. A large tornado even touchdown Sunday and one resident’s doorbell camera caught it tearing through his backyard.

More than 100 homes were torn apart and several people were injured by falling debris.

Emergency services went door to door looking for trapped residents.

Local Police Chief Brian Cunningham explained, “Oftentimes the officers weren’t able to respond in their patrol vehicles. So they had to get out and respond on foot. Sometimes they had a run to those calls and there was several incidents where officers ran to those locations and then had to find their car back in the debris It was difficult, but they handled the situation tremendously.”

One resident describes the experience.

“We heard the cell phone alarm kind of go off. And at that point our ears started to pop. And so we kind of knew that’s a symbol that there’s a tornado in the area,” said Kim. “We heard it pick up, we took the cover position, and then all of a sudden we heard a real loud pop! And my girls were like what’s that? what’s that? And we go we don’t know were staying here were staying safe. A few minutes later when everything was better we went upstairs and discovered a tree branch in my daughter’s room upstairs.”

Authorities are still surveying the damage in the area.

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