Volleyball Club Nebraska

Description: VCN is your summer camp destination, whether you’re looking for an introduction to volleyball or an advanced camp on a specific skill. Our coaching staff is one of the most experienced and dedicated as we have 4 dedicated full-time staff members. Our #1 focus is making sure every kid that walks through our doors has an incredible experience on and off the court. Community / Integrity / Accountability / Trust / Empowerment. Come give us a try!

Beginner VS Advanced Camps:

We have added camps labeled “Beginner” and “Advanced”. Our hope is to try to create more specific and appropriate teaching material based on players’ previous experiences and levels.

Not sure which to sign up for? If your daughter has played club before and was on one of the top few teams (1-3s) then Advanced would be a great fit.

If your daughter has played club but may have participated on a lower team (4-5s teams) then Beginner is a great place to start!

Just because camp is labeled as “Beginner” does not mean that it will be very elementary. Again, we are just hoping to cater to the different skills and levels of all of our campers to create the best experience possible!



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