WATCH: Why is ‘Claudia’ trending?


Today one name is trending on multiple social media platforms: Claudia.

Claudia Conway is Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, a former Counselor to the President. The political tension within their family has been no secret, as Kellyanne resigned from her White House position to focus on family.

Shortly before this announcement, Claudia had Tweeted that she was ‘pushing for emancipation.’

Following President Donald Trump’s positive coronavirus test last Friday, it quickly spread to surrounding officials. Kellyanne was among those officials, leading herself and her family to contract the virus.

Since, Claudia has taken to social media, specifically TikTok, to discuss her political views and family relationships. Once these videos went viral, Claudia removed them from her account.

Kellyanne took to Twitter, commenting on her daughter’s posts, saying “like all of you, she speculates on social media.”


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